Starting a blog

So here I am starting a blog and I'm nervous. Why because for me painting and taking photos and creating visual art is so easy, it comes naturally but writing is another thing. My aim with this blog is to share my ideas,thought,victories and struggles plus the process of my work.

Lets start with the latest designs I have done. I was walking with Doug and our beautiful sammy dogs at the Wicklow vartry ,which holds and supplies water for the Dublin area. It became quite wet and there was an area where the waters edge had flooded the foot path. On the one side I noticed a large puddle with algae in it. The sun was shining and was enhancing the colours. Immediately I knew I had to capture the beauty of this.  Once home I then created my designs with the help of spoonflowers templates. They then printed onto chiffon for me and posted two of them. I was deligated with the results.  The one I called "Alainn" which is Irish gaelic and means beautiful and the other "ríméad" which means delight.

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